Thermoelectric Wood stove Power Generator Systems for Sale


Cost $205.00 10 watt maximum output, using propane canisters or controlled flame heating methods.

TEG generator is ideal for charging  cell phones or other devices that require power. The generator is designed for lighting, 5V cell phone charging and battery charging. The output has a 12 VDC car connector with a built in 5V USB port to plug Smartphones for fast charging.
Designed for flames for heat! The Generator is light weight and portable ~ 3 lbs. and only 8″ in diameter.
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Cost $629 with, free pump & DC to DC converter included 60W maximum output.

Our Thermoelectric wood stove generator uses a patented in house liquid sink. Achieving exceptional performance in a compact 6″ x 14″ x 2.5″ frame.  Capable of 350°C to 400°C (hot side temperatures) producing up to 60 watts nominal continuous power output and can be grouped with additional TEG power generators requiring only 1 pump. Output voltage is adjustable, set by a DC to DC Converter for charging batteries or running loads. Flow rates as little as 2.0 l/min providing optimal cooling. Paired with our high efficiency mag drive TEG5w-10w or 15w pumps it produces continuous power output.
Made in Canada by TECTEG MFR. !

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Cost $429 which includes a DC to DC converter 30W maximum output.

A modular WOOD STOVE TEG POWER Generator w/air cooling, 30W maximum . The 14″x 6″ heat absorbing anodized Aluminum plate. Fan should be hooked directly to a vent drawing in cold outdoor air for maximum power generation & DT. Our thermoelectric wood stove TEG systems can be custom built to your specific application.
Made in Canada by TECTEG MFR.

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Cost $69.99

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TEG10W-5VDC Stove flat surface top


Cost $240
It is for flat heat sources like wood stoves. GAS STOVE tops, even open controlled flame fires!

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Near Future

Tecteg Mfr. working with Jason Stewart “The Firemaster” and his clean burning wood stove adapter patented invention in New Zealand and with Derald Cook owner of intensofuergo in Chile who also is working with our group which developed a turn key clean burning wood stove adapter system to make older stoves not only more efficient but clean burning, the future design will option a thermoelectric power generator, with hot water and distributed heating and produce roughly 100 watts. CHP for short. The adapter will produce more heat from the same amount of wood thereby reducing annual wood consumption.  

Intensifire with Borosilicate Glass Tube.

Self regulating TEG power Generator SYSTEM

Easy installation. Peak 80 watts. Fits on any 6″ pipe.

Low water sensor, Auto fan On/off to regulate cold side.

Included: Custom Smart MVPT controller for smart charging 12 or 24V battery system with Inputs and outputs. Low liquid sensor built in Text message option for instant updates and system operation performance.

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