Thermoelectric Coolers (Kooler Devices Division)

Thermal Electronics Corp. was established in 1997, with sales of refrigerators and coolers to the espresso coffee equipment market. Since then, our product offering has expanded to meet the needs of the broader food service industry. We continue to add new products to our portfolio such as, 1 and 2 gallon milk cooler, mini fridges, personal heating/cooling systems for racing drivers and sport injury doctors.
In 2001 we began to diversify into the thermoelectric power generation field. At present we offer TEG power modules and support several unique projects that use waste heat to generate remote power. In the future we plan on providing via the web stock TEG power generators in different power outputs and also turn key designs that us wood, diesel, natural gas, and liquid propane for heat sources. At present we sell thermoelectric cooling and power generator modules to a host of OEM and retail clients. Our goal over the next two years is to patent a process for constructing Thermoelectric Generators and set up a small prototype facility to manufacture and sell thermoelectric power modules (TEG) assemblies for industrial waste heat and off grid applications.
Thermal Electronics Corp. prides itself on not only meeting, but exceeding, our customer’s expectations. We are extremely responsive and provide superior customer service. Our products are second to none and offer exceptional quality and reliability. Whether you’re looking for prototype development, have technical inquires or want to discuss an application for a new project, we are here to help!