May 13, 2019

Living “off-the-grid” is a joy and a challenge, especially when living on an island; and that is what it is like living here in Freeport, Nova Scotia.

When you live in Nova Scotia, it is very common for the power to go down as the high winds knock down the power lines a d sometimes it can take hours to days until power is restored.

Living in Freeport NS, which is on Long Island, a person needs to have a reliable “off-grid” setup as “island living” is very different.

Before getting the iPowerTower system for my off-grid electrical needs, I was looking at various options; solar, wind, water, and of course thermal-electric (ie: fire).

ALL “natural” off-grid electricity requires a type of source. Water needs constant current and flow for a water generator to work. Wind needs to be constant as well. Solar needs good strong sunlight and does not work at night, nor during overcast. So what’s left? Fire.

This is where the inventors at TecTeg have created what I think is the most versatile Thermal Electric Generator.

Using a fire source, water, and the iPowerTower unit a person can have real on-demand power ANY time they need it!

Using the iPowerTower I can connect to the 5V USB slot and charge/recharge AA batteries, AAA batteries, external USB powerbanks (I have 2x 20,000 mAh powerbanks).

Also, using the DC output coupled with some “MacGuyver skills” and common sense, I was able to connect the charger to recharge my Black and Decker 20V Lithium Ion batteries so I can have power tools in a full off-grid system!

The added bonus that the iPowerTower also heats up the water is great when you are off-grid as you can never have enough hot water. This heated water can be used for coffee, tea, washing plates, emergency first aid (ie: heat compress) … the list goes on.

“Waste not, want not” is an old saying, and the iPowerTower really shows this in its features.

The iPowerTower is a remarkable product, extremely versatile, portable, easy to use, and reliable.

Paul D.
Freeport, Nova Scotia