TEG Thermoelectric Power Module Selection

All modules below with IN STOCK ready to ship usually

within 2-3 days from payment of order.

  • All modules come with cold side slit ceramic for greater endurance against effects of Thermal Cycling.
  • Hot side standardgraphite cover.
  • Graphite cold side(optional).
  • Aluminum Flame sprayed hot side Junctions for superior High Temperature applications up to 320°C**
Data Based on: Hot Side 300°C Cold side 30°C
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Size 40 x 40 mm 56 x 56 mm 56 x 56 mm 40 x 40 mm 40 x 40 mm 30 x 30 mm
Hote Side Temperature (°C) 300 300 300 300 300 300
Cold Side Temperature (°C) 30 30 30 30 30 30
Open Circuit Voltage(V) 7.8 8.4 9.5 7.2 10.7 10.7
Match Load Resistance(Ohms) 3.0 1.2 1.8 1.8 5.4 5.4
Match Load Output Voltage (V) 3.9 4.2 4.8 3.6 5.3 5.3
Match Load Output Current (A) 1.3 3.4 2.7 2.0 1.0 1.0
Match Load Output Watts (W) 5.1 14.6 13 7.1 5.2 5.2
Heat Flow Across Module Watts (W) ~128 ~365 ~325 ~148 ~115 ~115
Heat Flow Density(wcm2) ~8.0 ~11.6 ~10.4 ~9.2 ~7.5 ~13 w
AC Resistance (Ohms) Measured under 27°C @1000Hz ~1.3-1.8 ~.5-.7 ~.7 -.10 ~.8-1.0 ~2.7-3.6 ~2.7-3.6
All Specifications Mechanical & Outputs At Three T °C Data Points
**Normal operating hot side temperature is recommended at 300°C or below.Always have an active cold side when applying heat to the hot side. Temperatures listed are at hot side junctions. Results above are based on ideal lab conditions, material preparation. Results will vary based on system design

DT Hot side – Cold side

2dc7b290PLEASE NOTE:
TEG1-12610-5.1, TEG1-12611-6.0,TEGB1-12610-5.1, TEG1-12611-8.0, TEG1-12610-4.3 stock modules are supplied with Graphite on the hot side and optional cold side.

TEG Cascade 800 °C Hot Side Thermoelectric Power Modules

We are now supplying both high temperature Calcium/Magnesium (CMO) up to 800°C TEG Modules and Cascade High Temperature (CMO) bonded to Bi2Te3.


  • 65 mm x 65 mm
  • 64 element design with 32 Couples

Part #:

  • CMO-32-62S
    • (High Temperature CMO semi-conductor material only TEG module)
  • CMO-32-62S CASCADE
    • (High Temperature material with a second layer of Bi2Te3 on cold side efficiency of ~6%)

Future sizes:
42 x42 mm in both (CMO) 25 couple and (CMO Cascade) with Bi2Te3

Completed factory designs are available please find examples below. We use the latest high end heat dissipation patented technology to achieve the highest power output possible from our modules. Click on pictures below to view specifications:

44751fd020 watts TEG Generator w/ built in voltage regulatorPART #TEG12VDC-24AIR to AIRBase size 12″ x 6″
42051f5050 watt TEG Generator w/ built in voltage regulatorPART #TEG12VDC -24LIQUID to hot surfaceBase size 13″ x 5″

See our TEG modules in operation with YouTube Videos Below

Part I   Part II
We also supply all hardware to Customize your Thermoelectric power assembly.

Suppliers of:

  • Belleville spring washers for correct torque rating on all modules we sell.
  • 4-40 stainless steel screw and nuts
  • Machined aluminum water sinks
  • replacement modules for the Ecofan

All you require to build you own Thermoelectric Power Generators (TEG) OR Peltier cooler.