TEG Power Generator & Thermoelectric Generator

Newly designed thermoelectric TEG Generators for oil & gas reliable base load TEG power 10, 25 and 50 watt solid state generators are now available. The 5V & 12 volt Dual output terminals IpowerTower Thermoelectric generator series (TEG), will operate at an industry leading  5% efficiency the highest efficiency for any passive cooled generator in the market today. Our research goal is to increase that to 7% net efficiency with new material development. The first IPOWERTOWER 10 watts 12 volt TEG generator is now available on our shop page.  The 25 watt & 50 watt 12/24Volt will be available in winter 2018.

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Thermal Electronics Corp. designs Thermoelectric (TEG) power generators using the Seebeck effect for large and small applications. The above unit uses a sterno or propane tank to produce 10 watts of nominal power @  5V USB  12V  aux . Enough power to recharge a mobile phone at fast rates, Charge a 12V battery or operate lights and radio.



Above is our first mini Thermoelectric generator for purchase. To make them more affordable we will be offering standard Thermo Electric Power TEG Generators in 10, 20 watts @ 5 V USB, 12VDC (max.).  water cooled. These will use the Seebeck Effect to produce power!

Thermo electric power generation is a maintenance free way to generate power. As long as there is a heat source and a cold source power is continuously produced.
Unlike a solar panel rated at 100 watts which, my produce only 60% of the rated power output because of sunshine and weather impairment. A thermo electric power generator will produce it rated output as long as the delta T remains the same, 24 hr. a day 365 days a year using the Seebeck Effect.


Extrusion profiles

These are extrusion profiles we are attempting to work with . Figure of merits are high giving us hope that we can automate our manufacturing process and bring costs down to a competitive level.

Our new Powder Metallurgy process if successful, will increase efficiency 20-30% over standard modules, together with modules specifically designed for high density power generation we expect thermo electric modules that will be not only more efficient but be economical enough in volume to have mass commercial applications. So far we are very encouraged by the test results. We are expecting to finalize patented TEG design by January 2014. If the new process is successful we will entertain any companies interested in licensing our technology to contact us for more information. At present we have successfully designed new Thermo Electric elements and have tested them with great success. We are now working on the conductor contacts. If successful the complete couple can be produced in four steps. The elements can be configured into any size power cell required by our customers. Our standard elements are 150 to 200 amp which is unheard of in the industry.

Presently Tecteg Mfr. carries 4 Temperature dependent TEG Modules:

  1. TEG2 Series modules for maximum hot side temperature of 190°C and lower.
  2. TEG1 Series modules for maximum hot side temperature of 320°C and lower.
  3. PbTe encapsulated  maximum hot side temperature of 400 to 575°C .
  4. CMO’s only series modules for maximum hot side temperature of 850°C and lower.

Beginning in the summer of 1997 , Thermal Electronics Corp. will be designing and manufacturing component and TEG generators which can generate electricity for:

  • Remote site power
  • Scavenger teg power
  • Harvesting Thermoelectric power
  • IoT thermoelectric power
  • Remote telemetric power requirements
  • Power generation for remote pipeline ( Oil and Gas) monitoring
  • SCADA ( Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) field power requirements
  • Remote cottages and hunting camps
  • Cell phone towers
  • Water pipelines

Thermoelectric Power Generators will be configured into 12 VDC to 24 VDC units and 15 watts to 220 watts as standard designs . Custom designs will be available, but with greater lead times and cost.