Services consult design & custom build TEC cooler & TEG generator. TECTEG MFR. has 25 years of thermoelectric power and Peltier design experience. We offer a full product line of standard and custom designed TEC and TEG modules and supporting thermoelectric components including custom designs specific to clients requests! Bulk material of BiTe and PbTe for research and testing. Design thermoelectric TEG generators and TEC coolers. Build and design Dc to Dc converters specific to optimizing Thermoelectric power with 96% conversion efficiency. With build in PLC functionality for load and system control and sensing!Scavenger and harvesting TEG modules for wearables and Sensor control and battery charging for long lasting continuous charging applications. Our Micro Dc to Dc scavenger boards start to operate at only 50MV. The lowest in the industry in a 10mm x 26mm form factor. The smallest in the industry. We also have bio-directional charging boards in slightly larger form factors