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MilkMate 2005 Stainless Finish 1 gallon fridge

MilkMate 2005 Stainless Finish 1 gallon fridge

499.00 USD

  1. No need to pour milk fit a 1 gallon Jug perfectly
  2. 15″L x 9″W x 12″ high
  3. 1 Gallon Cooler
  4. UL and NSF approved
  5.  1 gallon counter top fridge
  6. top loading milk fridge

Product Description

1 Gallon Stainless Steel espresso milk cooler.
perfect for counter top milk storage.
1 Gallon espresso milk cooler,
comes in either Black or Stainless Steel finish,
NSF and UL approved,
1 gallon jug just drop and use.
1 Gallon Milk Jug capacity

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