MilkMate 2000 (1 Gallon)

05ac3db0Model “MilkMate 2000″ commercial milk cooler
  • Sanitary
  • ETL NSF-18 approved
  • All solid-state
  • Electrically approved to UL standards
  • No ice
  • No labor
  • No spoiled milk
  • Easy external thermometer
  • 120V, 60 Hz, .5 amps
  • Thermoelectric peltier chip design TEC1-12706 Extreme

A perfect fit for a 1 gallon or 4 quart milk container. No need to pour milk into another container, just drop and go! No cleanup, no contamination. NSF-18 Approved. The perfect espresso machine mate, the “MilkMate”! Ideal for Jura, Micro bar, 1400 WMF, Chimbali, Ranchilio, etc. or larger espresso machines when more volume of milk is desired!

An Ideal milk cooler for holding milk next to an espresso machines , automatic espresso machines, and any espresso machines which uses an auto frother for making cappuccino’s, latte’s and mocha’s and requires a milk cooler. The MilkMate cooler used peltier technology for cooling. A TEC1-12706 extreme peltier modules is used in the cooler.

Tired of bending down for that 1 gallon jug!!!!

The MilkMate Commercial Milk Cooler is perfect for holding a 1 gallon milk jug on the counter!!!

NEVER bend down and open your large fridge door again!

The MilkMate 2000, 2005 are sanitation approved milk coolers so there’s no problems with health inspectors either.

Your Choice: Black on Santex Black milk cooler, Silver top on stainless milk cooler

Optional: Drop in fill container milk cooler insert

Custom colours and designed milk coolers available please call !!

Electrical: 110V/220V Size: 9″W x 14″D x 12″H

Contact your local distributor, or

Thermal Electronics Corp. direct: 1-800-769-2395

105daab0Silver paint with silver top commercial milk cooler
0fac8af0Stainless with silver top commercial milk cooler
0fcc8bc0Silver paint with drop in container commercial milk cooler