Humid-i-Fire™ Thermoelectric Generator Humidifier Wood Stove.

A Hearth Healthier Home
For People, Pets and Plants

The North Creek bubbles over the natural rocks as it helps humidify your home.

The Thermoelectric Humid-i-Fire™ is a beautiful and functionally elegant self- powered humidifier which
evaporates water more quickly and efficiently than traditional ‘still water’ stove top “steamers”. As a result
your plants, pets, family and guests are better protected from dry winter air throughout the house all season
long. Add your own potpourri or essential oil to provide a delightful fragrance to your home.

Thermoelectric generator modules convert the stove’s heat into electrical energy which in turn drives a pump
creating a fountain, over attractive stones and pebbles. No power cords, outlets or batteries are required thus
eliminating greenhouse gases and making the system run on its own TEG power anytime you wood stove is
working without grid power.

While you, your family and guests enjoy the soothing decorative fountain effect, the patent pending Humid-i-Fire™ is quietly and efficiently providing a healthier, happier and more comfortable environment for all
throughout the cold, dry, winter months.