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Thermoelectric technology! TEG Modules, and 1 gallon Peltier espresso milk coolers. Weather it be Thermoelectric 100W wood stove generators, or TEG modules, are in stock and ready to ship!

TEG Power Generator

Tecteg Mfr. maintains an industry leading 5 types of thermoelectric TEG Modules TEG power modules. Designs consist of modules with temperatures up to 800°C . Most popular BiTe 320°C, Hybrid BiTe- PbTe 360°C, SnSe – PbSnTe 600°C, Calcium Manganese (CMO) 800°C, and CMO cascade with BiTe stacked 800°C . We will continue to lead the market in offering the most diverse TEG materials and thermoelectric modules– second to none in the industry!

Thermoelectric Peltier Coolers

Thermal Electronics Corp. established in 1997 designs, distributes, and  manufactures Peltier MilkMate 1 gallon espresso coolers and thermoelectric Tec modules for the Food Service Industry, Industrial, Institutional, and Military Sectors. Thermoelectric cooling offers precision control of temperature eclipsing any other cooling technology! Our 35 years of design and thermoelectric modules stock components offers you the client an economic and competitive library of thermoelectric parts to design any possible cooling product.

Thermoelectric Generator Parts

TEC has developed and manufactured the most diverse TEG thermoelectric generator parts inventory including multiple TEG liquid sinks, TEG heat sinks, thermoelectric temperature controllers, fans, Peltier modules, Seebeck modules , and DC pumps, available in the industry today.

Leading Industry TEG Seebeck Division. Contact either our Peltier cooling or Thermoelectric power generation division. We will be glad to answer any thermoelectric question! We can advise on design and capability and provide you with the best information available today. is now our partner in IoT sensors for Temperature, vibration, and humidity cloud monitoring. We also provide integration between analog sensors and digital cloud based technology.

Tecteg Mfr. Division

Thermal Electronics Corp.

Partnered with thermoelectric Researchers, Universities, Scientists From All Over The World Since 1997 To Develop Novel Thermoelectric Solutions.



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