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084c8860Molson Mist Effect

This 1100 square inch drawer cabinet is cooled with two thermoelectric heat sink and two Peltier effect TEC.
It has an internal heat sink and fan to increase efficiency to the point where we are able to maintain an internal temperature of 36°F with a top ambient temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. We are using a 24 VDC power supply @ 6.5 amps with a closed loop PWM Peltier effect temperature controller with thermister sensor.

We design modular drop-in Peltier based cooling compartments, custom drawer fridges and TEC coolers for many custom furniture companies.

We can manufacture refrigerated Peltier effect drawers for clients who prefer to have a thermoelectric fridge conveniently sitting next to their bed. If noise is a concern, please note we use a whisper quiet, super low speed, cross-flow fan in the design with an heat pipe evaporator coil. We have applications which do not require a fan and can still maintain a chest refrigerator to 40°F.

All stainless construction. Thermoelectric temperature controlled to 37° F +/- .5° F as per clients request.

We also supply standard TEC cooler modules with DT of 67°C .

TEC1-12704 , TEC1-12706, and TEC1-12708

We also supply a line of optimized TEC modules that offer greater cooling ability. The Ex Treme line are more efficient so that DT is expanded up to 74°C. 7°C (14°F)  greater DT. This means that for harder cooling application.

EX TREME® TEC modules offer considerable cooling advantages in high ambient conditions.  For more information please contact us.

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0d33ca60Above is a CAD drawing of a bedroom chest of drawers with a central TEC refrigerator. 5 units were designed for the project. The client was very specific! They wanted the temperature to hold within a 1+/- degree F of the set temperature of 37 degrees over a 2 hour period. This refrigerator is ideal for cold chests on sail boats and small yachts. The unit runs on 12 VDC and uses less power than comparable compressor based units.
0d6441e0Custom Drawer Fridge
291c8960This is the public view of the nesting area for Tree Cutter Ants at the Toronto Zoo.
297c8960This is the keepers side of the Ant Display which required a TEC cooling/heating Peltier system to protect the Ants from temperature swings.
299a2d80Thermoelectric Peltier system had three independent systems. All working together to maintain the cabinet at the precise set temperature. This allowed for built in redundancy.
29fa9e10The installation was along a side wall. The design called for 6 ” of space to fit the systems. So we design din rails on the side of the cabinet and used angle brackets to slide the Thermoelectric heating cooling systems into place.