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Thermoelectric Peltier Cooler Module Selection

Thermoelectric Cooler’s Specification Include:

TEC series for thermoelectric modules for high heat pumping capacity applications


TEC Series Thermoelectric Module

2a34b3f0Typical applications like: Food service refrigerator, portable cooler box for cars, liquid cooling and temperature stabilizer. Wine cabinets , Medical equipment, precise temperature control products!
TEC Series Thermoelectric Module Typical applications like: Food service refrigerator, portable cooler box for cars, liquid cooling and temperature stabilizer. Wine cabinets , Medical equipment, precise temperature control products!


Part Number Data obtained at hot plate temperature Th=27°C. DimensionAxBxHmm
Imax (amps)) DTmax(°C) Vmax (Volts)) Qmax (watts))
TEC1-01703 3.3 69 1.90 3.90 15x15x4.8
TEC1-03103 3.50 7.20 20x20x4.8
TEC1-07103 8.60 16.40 30x30x4.8
TEC1-12703 15.0 29.30 40x40x4.8
TEC1-01704 3.9 69 2.00 4.00 15x15x4.7
TEC1-03104 3.66 7.30 20x20x4.7
TEC1-07104 8.40 16.70 30x30x4.7
TEC1-12704 15.00 33.40 40x40x4.7
TEC1-01705 5.0 68 2.00 5.60 15x15x4.3
TEC1-03105 3.66 10.30 20x20x4.3
TEC1-07105 8.40 23.70 30x30x4.3
TEC1-12705 15.00 42.50 40x40x4.3
TEC1-01706 6.0 68 2.00 6.90 15x15x4.0
TEC1-03106 3.66 12.50 20x20x4.0
TEC1-07106 8.40 28.70 30x30x4.0
TEC1-12706 15.00 51.40 40x40x4.0
TEC1-03108 8.5 68 3.75 16.80 20x20x3.3
TEC1-07108 8.60 38.50 30x30x3.3
TEC1-12708 15 68.09 40x40x3.3
TEC1-127085 15 68.09 50x50x4.7
TEC1-12710S 10 68 15.80 85.0 40x40x3
TEC1-12710 10 68 15.80 85.0 50x50x4.8
TEC1-07114 14 68 8.40 65.90 44x44x4.6
TEC1-12714 15.80 118 50x50x4.6
TEC1-12718 18.5 68 15.8 156 50x50x4.1
TEC1-12726 26 65 15.8 220 50x50x3.6
TEC1-03140 39 65 3.63 80.0 55x55x5.8
Definitions:I – Input Amps to the TEC (in Amps) Imax – Input Amps that produce the maximum DT [DTmax] (in Amps) Qc – Amount of heat that can be absorbed at the cold side face of the TEC (in watts) Qmax – Maximum amount of heat that can be absorbed at the cold side. This occurrs at I = Imax and when DT = 0. (in Watts). Th – Temperature of the hot side face of the TEC (in °C) Tc – Temperature of the cold side face of the TEC (in °C) DT – Difference in temperature between the hot side (Th) and the cold side (Tc). dT = Th-Tc (in °C) DTmax – Maximum difference in temperature a TEC can achieve between the hot side (Th) and the cold side (Tc). This occurrs at I = Imax and when Qc = 0. (in °C) Vmax – Voltage at I = Imax (in Volts) ****Never operate a module at maximum Vmax !Always at 80% or less of  Vmax.******* Most of the above modules are special order. Please e-mail or Call. We require minimum volumes toproduce TEC’s which are not listed below. We are able to produce small sample quantities of TEC’s in our lab.A minimum setup charge will apply plus the cost of the TEC’s!



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Our standard modules are:

  • TEC1-12704
  • TEC1-12706
  • TEC1-12708

Our TEC1-12706 peltier module is our most popular module as they demonstrate both minimal power output but offer maximum cooling. Ideal as replacement modules for thermoelectric wine cabinets.

When TEC’s are manufactured they are batch produced and then classified based on performance TEC1-12706 TEC’s typically fall in the middle of the pack. Therefore they offer the best performance in relation to power consumption !! Thermoelectric modules are used to replace the heating and cooling components in water coolers, wine cabinets, car coolers, portable camping coolers. The Thermoelectric Peltier Chip (TEC) is the major part of a thermoelectric peltier water cooler.

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