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TEG1-12610-4.3 – Both Sides

TEG1-12610-4.3 – Both Sides

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Product Description

Size 40 x 40 mm
Hot Side Temperature(°C) 300
Cold Side Temperature(°C) 30
Open Circuit Voltage(V) 10.7
Match Load Resistance( Ohms) 5.4
Match Load Output Voltage (V) 5.3
Match Load Output Current (A) 1.0
Match Load Output Watts (W) 5.2
Heat Flow Across the module Watts (W) ~115
Heat Flow density( wcm2) ~7.5w
AC Resistance (Ohms) Measured under 27°C @1000Hz ~2.7-3.6
Delta Temperatures with Corresponding Output’s Graph N/A

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