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24V Battery charger 150W DC to DC Converter

24V Battery charger 150W DC to DC Converter

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Converter 150W 6-32V to 0.8-28V Auto Boost Buck Regulator

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Product Description

Feature: 24V Battery Charger 150w capacity

  • Module Properties: non-isolated buck-boost module (high efficiency)
  • Rectification: synchronous rectification
  • Input voltage :6-32V (rated power, input voltage equal to 9V; if input 6v, output about 90W)
  • Output voltage : (adjustable output) 0.8-28V
  • Output current: 15A (MAX)
  • Output power: 150W (MAX)
  • Conversion efficiency: Up to 97% (higher output voltage, equals higher efficiency)
  • Remote control port: Yes, ON/OFF, (connect 0V, closed), (connect 5V or vacant, work).
  • Output ripple: 1% (MAX)
  • Operating temperature: Industrial (-40°C to +85°C) (if ambient temperature exceeds 40°C, power
    output must be lowered, or enhance heat dissipation with a heat sink)
  • Short circuit protection: Yes, output current limiting (current limit is about 17A)
  • Input reverse polarity protection: Yes
  • Input over-voltage protection: Yes, over-voltage protection is 33V; maximum input voltage cannot
    exceed 36V.
  • Indicator LED: working properly (green), not working or in protection mode(red)
  • Connection: Removable terminal, eight input and output terminals, maximum current per port is 6A
  • Use multiple ports in parallel for larger currents.

Primary Applications
Battery voltage regulator for 12 to 24V battery charging.


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