Introducing the fully integrated 12V Thermoelectric trangia charging generator (all you add is water and fuel) SEE the power!

! Cost $149.99 plus 24.00 shipping in North America Only! Email for overseas shipping rates! The new standard in cell phone, tablet charging with dual battery charging using a  fuel selection can vary from Sterno Gel to alcohol based fuels. A Trangia Burner and propane offers superior power output based on higher heat flux. Dung, Wood Chips can also be used to fuel the a patent pending design, culminating from 25 years of thermoelectric experience, with no moving parts.

The TEG generator comes with a battery charge controller with dual outputs. A 5V USB charging port, for smart phone and tablet battery charging, coupled with a 4 slot screw terminal that can be wired simultaneously to charge any battery from 1.2v up to 12v and also runs LED lighting in emergency situations when the grid is down. A video will be released on our site in the coming weeks demonstrating the ability of this emergency back-up TEG charging generator. The is portable TEG generator and easy to use. We have a patented “Power Booster System”™ uniquely designed to power boost the output during operation.

With today’s larger screen smartphones and rapid charging power requirements like the apply Iphone 6 and IPAD MINI the is uniquely designed to charge USING A USB TURBO Charger which communicates with Apple products for maximum current charging.

The TEG Generator comes in 4 unique colors. Silver on Black, Blue on Black, Black on Black and Green on Black.


  • No moving parts!
  • Dual output 5V USB and a terminal for charging any battery up to 12V or running LED lights!
  • Ability to charge a Tablet!
  • Available in 4 colors!
  • Portable!
  • Ability to Charge indoors using the proper fuel! Alcohol based fuels ONLY!
  • Easy to fill and equally easy to empty?
  • Attractive look!
  • Extremely safe to use!
  • Easy to set-up and operate!
  • Security features!
  • Operates using multiple fuels!
  • “Power Booster System”™


  • Rated 10 watts
  • 1.5 liter water cold side chamber
  • 80mm clearance for up to 5oz can.
  • Easy empty feature
  • 6 lbs gross weight

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