Thermal Electronics Corp., established in 1997, develops designs and manufactures thermoelectric Peltier and Seebeck effect based appliances and components for the food service, medical, commercial, and oil & gas industries.

Over the last 25 years TEC has been developing a novel Seebeck effect design for use in thermoelectric power generators. The new design (phase 1 Project completed January 2009) allows GENCELL™ elements to be manufactured using full automation. The new design process named GENCELL™ will revolutionize the mass manufacturing of thermoelectric elements allowing the production of millions of high density, high amperage thermoelectric GENCELL™ at significantly lower manufacturing costs, which will eliminate all the inherited flaws that presently exist with the standard mature technology that is manufactured and commercial today. Production of a 200 amp GENCELL™ prototype has already been tested and verified in our lab using the new manufacturing process. The new process will lower electrical resistance, increase efficiency, performance and reliability of the TEG thermoelectric generator system. It will also allow for easier sizing of larger systems in the 1 KW range where present generation TEG’s are cumbersome and difficult to scale. Several patents applications to protect the IP have been submitted. We are now collaborating with McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario to fine tune the design for commercialization and mass manufacturing. The new process will incorporate novel new thermoelectric materials as they become commercially available! In Tandem with this pure research we are working on a major commercial application which Phase 2 was completed September 2014 called the (P.O.W.E.R) Pizza Oven Waste Heat Energy Recovery project. See our (What’s news) page for news releases. This will allow our GENCELL™ technology to have an immediate commercial application for the TEG technology once it is commercialized. No other company offers the variety or thermoelectric materials we can offer. In the next 6 months  we will be adding an additional 2 new materials, bringing the total to 6 different TEG module combinations.

Above CAD is a concept compact cooling system for a NASCAR or Racing Driver to maintain the core body temperature of the driver on hot days! All racing cars have their air conditioner removed because a a drain on the cars performance.The Peltier system with the aid of a pump circulate cooling liquid and cools down the core body temperature of the driver. Require very little power to operate but allows the driver to perform at peak performance in his chilled suit.”
We have already introduced a higher temperature 800°C CMO and 600°C CMO Cascade coupled with BiTe on the cold side to the market. The first new commercial thermoelectric material and cascade modules to enter the market in the last 40 years and the first time a cascade thermoelectric module has been commercially available anywhere in the world! It is our pledge to continue to offer new material and designs to the market as they become available for commercialization and to offer these materials to innovative companies that have unique ideas they feel can be commercialized in their field of expertise. We are setting up distributors in India, Pakistan, and Africa.  As well we have representatives in Bolivia, Chile and other south American countries.
All of our designs begin with an idea…….




Our two gallon espresso milk coolers now in production. The 2 gallon hold two -1 gallon jugs of milk in there original containers and uses three Peltier modules and some continue on to production!