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TEG Power Generator

Tecteg Mfr. maintains an industry leading 5 types of thermoelectric TEG power modules. Designs consist of modules with temperatures up to 800°C . The main stay BiTe 320°C, Hybrid BiTe- PbTe 360°C, SnSe – PbSnTe 600°C, Calcium Manganese (CMO) 800°C, and CMO cascade with BiTe stacked 800°C . We will continue to lead the market in offering the most diverse TEG materials and thermoelectric modules ideal for designing 12V or 24V TEG Generators– second to none in the industry!

Thermoelectric Peltier Coolers

Thermal Electronics Corp. established in 1997 designs, distributes, and  manufactures Peltier MilkMate 1 gallon  and 2 gallon coolers and thermoelectric Tec modules for the Food Service Industry, Industrial, Institutional, and Military Sectors. Thermoelectric cooling offers precision control of temperature eclipsing any other cooling technology! Our 35 years of design and thermoelectric stock components offers you the client an economic and competitive library of thermoelectric parts to design any possible cooling product. PELTIER EFFECT The phenomenon whereby the passage of an electrical current through a junction consisting of two dissimilar metals results in a cooling effect; when the direction of current flow is reversed heating will occur.

Thermoelectric Generator Parts

TEC has developed and manufactured the most diverse specialized  TEG thermoelectric generator parts inventory including multiple TEG liquid sinks, extremely low thermal resistant heat sinks, 12V thermoelectric temperature controllers, low wattage 12V and 5V fans, High Temperature 200°C Peltier modules, Very high temperature Seebeck modules up to 900°C , and Low power 12V Centrifugal DC pumps, available in the industry today. We offer everything needed for engineers or DIY design thermoelectric 12V TEG power generators  or Peltier cooling systems!

What is thermal electric Power?- Thermoelectric power may refer one of a few distinct things: Electrical power generated from a heat source, such as burning fossil fuel-coal,oils, indirectly through devices like steam turbines. But Thermo electric power is a solid state semi-conductor that produces a voltage based of the solid state SEEBECK EFFECT or SEEBECK Coefficient
The phenomenon whereby an electrical current will flow in a closed circuit made up of two dissimilar metals when the junctions of the metals are maintained at two different temperatures.

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