Thermoelectric Power Generator Systems for Sale

Our thermoelectric wood stove TEG assemblies can be custom built for your specific application

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TEG Thermoelectric Power Module Selection

Full line of high temperature thermoelectric generator modules

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Thermoelectric TEG Power Modules Under 200°C

TEG2 thermoelectric modules specifically designed for liquid to liquid TEG applications

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TEG Cascade 800°C Hot Side Thermoelectric Power Modules

Highest temperature TEG Power Modules available

CMO & CMO Cascade Modules w/ working temperatures up to 800°C

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MilkMate 2005

The MilkMate 2005 Commercial Milk Cooler

Holds a 1 gallon milk jug

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Custom Thermoelectric Peltier Effect Appliance Design & Manufacturing

Point Of Sale RED Bull Cooler custom design with lite header able to hold 24 cans.

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Tecteg Mfr. Division

Welcome Intro

Thermal Electronics Corp., established in 1997, develops, designs and manufactures Thermoelectric Peltier and Seebeck effect based appliances and components for the food service, medical, commercial, and oil & gas industries.

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TEC Cooler


Kooler Device Division

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